TARA as an "aggregator" bundles support service packages,help large corporation explore new markets and also aggregate the output of local producer groups including micro, mini and small enterprises and connect these groups to market opportunities for BOP access and market development for ethical products and services.

Support Services

The services provided by the BSSV comprise of four challenges that an entrepreneur faces - Technology, Finance, Market and Capacity Building components. These components are ingrained in the following service packages:

  • Enterprise Support Package: This service package primarily addresses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in setting up their enterprises. This service package contains the following services:
    • Technology: We have developed technology solution portfolios for all the three eco-friendly sectors comprising a wide range of technology solutions apart from having partnerships with a number of technology providers across India. Based on this, we provide a range of technology packages to the entrepreneur and recommends the ideal technology package based on the entrepreneurs needs and the scale of operation. We then work with the entrepreneur and the technology provider to get the technology commissioned.
    • Finance: We facilitate the linkage between an entrepreneur and financial institutions that have the ideal instrument to provide start - up & working capital to the entrepreneur as per his/her needs. We are not a fund manager but looks at the option to partner with a fund manager across India.
    • Capacity Building: We have partnerships with expert training institutions who train both the entrepreneurs and their teams on business aspects as well as sector specific aspects. A few examples will include training on developing quality products, individual/group cancelling sessions to develop business/action plans, enterprise operations, etc.
    • Market: We are the pioneers in the market who provide a range of geographical locations for establishing enterprises based on availability of various inputs required for setting up and running an enterprise and more importantly, market demand. Using the frameworks and criteria developed by our team we also map out high potential clusters for setting up these enterprises.
  • Market Support Package: This service package primarily addresses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in reaching out to the end consumers. It will also enable the entrepreneur to grow his/her business. This service package contains the following services:
    • Consumer identification and classification: Since TARA has a background of developing & validating value chain, our team will work out the value chain map for each sector/enterprise (existing or pre-empted). We will then operationalize the value chain map with the entrepreneur to identify the consumers for the products/services offered by the enterprise. These consumers are also classified to help the entrepreneur finalize his/her sales and marketing strategy.
    • Distribution networks/market linkages: With teams expertise in developing & validating business models as well as delivery models, both backward and forward market linkages will be set up to enable the entrepreneur reach the end consumer. These market linkages are efficient, effective and financially viable to ensure sustainability and ease of scaling-up of specific enterprise.
    • Create demand/activate the market: We develop tools required to create demand of the products/services that will be offered by the entrepreneur. The team will only designs these social marketing tools and the implementation will be done by the entrepreneur.
  • Monitoring Support Package: This service package provides handholding support to the entrepreneur along with monitoring the enterprise for a fixed period of time. We also develop/customize tools to monitor health of the enterprise and recommend corrective action to the entrepreneurs.