Mr. Shrashtant Patara, Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of TARA, is an architect by training. He has been associated with the Development Alternatives Group since 1988, providing research expertise, management capability and strategic direction to teams engaged in the promotion of sustainable technology, creation of green jobs and fulfilment of basic needs amongst the rural poor. His current work focuses on the incubation of new service delivery models and capacity building measures for enhanced entrepreneurship and livelihood security; foremost amongst which are projects aimed at creating community benefits around the use of renewable energy.


Kanika Verma is the lead for social innovation and entrepreneurship at the Development Alternatives Group. She provides strategic guidance,  substantive expertise and management support to teams engaged in projects related to delivery models for basic needs products, provision of support services to micro and small enterprise and initiatives to strengthen aggregation driven value chains.  She has also been responsible for incubating social businesses within the Development Alternatives Group including TARAgram, a market aggregator for ethically sourced, handcrafted products. She is, currently, part of the leadership team incubating Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation, a section 8 company delivering enterprise support services at scale. Kanika is passionate about social innovation and system change; and philosophically and practically, sees herself ‘building bridges’ that connect the unique aspirations of potential entrepreneurs to an eco-system of enabling services.  She is the co founder of systems play, a platform for fostering collaboration, experimentation and learning with system innovators. Her current areas of focus also include spearheading a social innovation platform (action and learning) to boost job growth for women and youth in India with support from “la Caixa” Banking foundation. She is currently pursuing an M.Phil. with a specialisation in inclusive innovation at University of Cape Town. She led a financial investment firm in U.S.A. for seven years prior to joining Development Alternatives Group in 2011 to pursue her ambition of being a social entrepreneur.

Samarth Gupta

Mr. Samarth Gupta, Senior Manager at Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA), leads the Product and Technology Incubation team. His work focuses on developing business models for clean-technology solutions for creating community benefits in clean energy, wastewater treatment and clean building materials. Samarth has worked on projects in India and in Africa. Prior to TARA, Samarth has worked in multiple functions - Project Management, Business Development, and Marketing, across several sectors over seven years. Samarth is an engineer by training and has also studied at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and Harvard University, USA.


Ms. Priyali Bhardwaj, Manager (Development Services) holds a Master’s degree in Resource Management and Design Application, with specialization in Sustainable Development and Environment Management from University of Delhi. She is responsible for supporting the development and transfer of enterprise packages and business models in rural markets with particular emphasis on Processed Fuel and Renewable Energy based systems. She also assists in project development and microenterprise development work to support decentralized village electrification.


Ms. Ayesha Bhatnagar, Manager (Business Incubation)has completed her masters in Resource Management and Design Application, with specialization in Sustainable Development and Environment Management from University of Delhi. Her responsibility is to manage and deliver the enterprise support services to the entrepreneurs working in the paper recycling space. Additionally she is also responsible for testing delivery models and developing social marketing toolkit for basic needs products that are promoted by TARA.


Sudhir Sah is a Senior Manager (Sustainable Enterprises) at Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA). He has 6+ years of diverse experience in project management, business development and consulting in the areas of Green Entrepreneurship, Technology & Market Development and Renewable Energy. His expertise lies in enterprise development and allied support services. He has worked with SMEs of India and Malawi (Africa) for accelerated adoption of cleaner technologies aimed at mitigation of carbon emissions primarily from Construction and Waste sectors, and creation of Green and Inclusive Jobs locally. He is Mechanical Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela.