The services will help entrepreneurs in managing the entire ecosystem of the enterprise. Services will be provided to the entrepreneur right from planning till operational stage of the enterprise. BSSV services could be categorized in three broad heads

  • Expert Management Support
  • Business Modeling Support
  • Value Added Services

The BSSV connects the three main entities in the enterprise ecosystem i.e. the i-G Preneur, producers/distributors and the localcustomers.

At the technology end, the BSSV will help the entrepreneur in choosing the most appropriate technology from a range of technology options available in the market by different technology suppliers. Our partnership with technology providers will help an entrepreneur for training sessions, servicing and maintenance of the equipment provided to the entrepreneur. Intelligence on selecting the appropriate raw material mix for the entrepreneurs based on availability, entrepreneur's interest will also be provided to the entrepreneur. To sell the end product in the market and scale up the enterprise, the BSSV will provide linkages to the producers, aggregators/distributors and local markets.

At the finance end business modeling support i.e. facilitating in preparation of bankable business plans for his enterprise and linking him to the Financial Institutions (FIs) and other documentation/procedural support will be provided.

Majority of the entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges apart from the many external business challenges in managing their day to day operations of the business like financial management, marketing, effective communication with the clients etc. In order to meet out these challenges we look into training of the entrepreneur for business improvement, product innovation, strategizing business, forecasting cash flows, financial needs and its sources.

BSSV also offers customized levels of engagement based on the entrepreneurs needs. The levels of engagement are as follows:

Level 1 - Business Information and Analytics (Information mode): This includes tools such as brochures, pamphlets and banners that will contain information about the technology, finance, market and capacity building service providers. This will be free of cost to the customers.

Level 2 - Learning and Development Services (Advisory mode): The BSSV works with the entrepreneur to understand his/her problems and will recommend the optimal solutions. BSSV also provides information on the ideal partners (technology, finance, market and capacity building) whom the entrepreneur can connect with to solve his/her problems.

Level 3 - Customer Life cycle Management (Consultancy mode): This is the highest level of engagement that the BSSV have with the entrepreneurs. Here the BSSV and the entrepreneur will work together as a team to build his/her business with deep research and analysis on various intervention points across the value chain map.

Who can work with us?

Market DriversBusiness Drivers
Technology providers
(For opening new & replicating outreach)
New/Existing Entrepreneurs
(For getting support to setup/scale up an enterprise)
DIC, NABARD, KVIC, Banks & other financial institutions
(for strengthening consumer base & supporting enterprise development)
(For enhancing market/consumer base)
Market aggregators
(For increased revenue)
(For access to improved products)