The Society for Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) is an "incubation engine" of the Development Alternatives Group which has been providing development solutions in India and elsewhere. TARA has is instrumental in developing & validating support systems, training and capacity building for key stakeholders across the value chain. With over 30 years of experience, TARA has secured a pioneer position in cluster development, entrepreneurship development, prototype development and validation on ground.

Governments, large Corporations, Financial institutions and Civil Society networks benefit from TARA’s expertise as a “manager” of large awareness creation, environmental action, community development and service delivery programmes in areas such as affordable housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling.

TARA’s expertise on "waste to wealth" solutions ensures profitability for enterprises. It also ensures that the products are affordable thereby ensuring replicability and wider acceptance. TARA has been developing replicable models for transforming waste to wealth in the fields of handmade paper, red clay brick production, pulverized ash block production, concrete roofing and many more. The "Waste to wealth" solutions concentrate on the development of technologies for rural, urban and industrial applications for the SME sector. Two major approaches followed are:

  • Facilitating cleaner production solutions enabling profitable businesses
  • Customization of technology based solutions to convert waste to wealth thereby creating livelihoods

Within the span of 30 years TARA “waste-to-wealth” technologies has spread to almost all the parts of India and even abroad. They have helped in:

  • Creating jobs
  • Saving natural resources
  • Utilizing waste material

With this experience in hand, TARA is working on an Innovation, Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Program (i-STED) supported by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board – Department of Science and Technology (NSTEDB-DST).

Through i-STED, TARA aims to promote entrepreneurship opportunities by application of innovative, eco-friendly technology based solutions and create an impact in the ecosystem. The long-term goal is to promote enterprise development which will be done by establishment of a Business Support Service Vehicle (BSSV).

Our project team is offering one stop shop solution that will connect the new generation of green entrepreneurs with technology providers, investors, training institutions and market to meet and service the needs of technology, capital investment, capacity building and end customers. Therefore, the broad objectives are two-fold, fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurship.

Under i-STED, TARA has proposed an i-G Preneur model wherein, i-G Preneurs are essentially innovation based green entrepreneurs who want to establish eco-friendly micro and small enterprises (MSEs). The specific objectives are highlighted in the image below

We are working in three sectors – eco-friendly building material solutions, eco-friendly processed fuel solutions and eco-friendly packaging solutions focusing on fly ash brick & eco-concrete technology, biomass pellet & cookstove technology and recycled paper technology respectively.